Thrifty Thursday: mini shopping haul

It's September and it feels like June here in Florida, but that's not stopping me from getting in the fall spirit! I decided to go ahead and start looking for fall outfits that would be conducive for nursing and flatter a post-baby body since I'm pretty sure I won't have the time or energy to shop once Lilly Kate arrives.

Fall is my very favorite time for fashion. Loose comfy clothes, lots of layers, flannel, and boots - what's not to love? So for this Thrifty Thursday post I'm sharing my mini shopping haul at TJMaxx and how YOU can make the most of your designer discount store shopping spree!

Ever wonder when you go into a discount store if you are really getting a good deal or if you are just buying something that will be ruined after one wash? I know I do. I've bought clothes before that looked and felt great in the store but after one wear they were tattered. That's because looks can be deceiving. Clothing manufacturers put all kinds of chemicals on their clothes to make them look and feel like high quality material, but after one wash, the newness is gone and you realize you got gypped! That's why it makes sense to buy higher-end brands. They will inevitably last longer and, chances are, they will fit better and be more stylish too! But who can afford to shop at high end stores all the time? Anthropologie's sales are great, but I always get sucked in to buying at least one regularly priced item which blows my budget out of the water! If you're like me, here's a quick tip:

TJMaxx, Marshall's, even Ross all have sections in their stores where they keep all of the designer brands...think anthro brands like cloth and stone, michael stars, splendid, cartonnier, etc. A lot of times pieces sold in TJMaxx weren't actually carried by anthro, but it's the same designer, so you're going to get the same quality. Just get to know the brands you love from the higher end stores and keep them in mind when you go shopping.

Today I saw all of the brands I listed above...such fun stuff! Take a look at these two items I scored for fall:

The plaid tunic is by Cloth & Stone and it is perfect for lazy days and lunch dates alike! It's great for nursing, and its super soft and comfy. Will be super cute with leggings and boots, belted or unbelted, buttoned or unbuttoned, scarf or sans scarf...oh the possibilities!

And then the army green vest...oh the army green's everywhere on pinterest right now, and for good reason! This one is super cute - I know I went through this whole spiel about designer brands before, and I don't recognize this brand, but it was a great price and I loved the detailing on the shoulders and the fabric is nice, so I thought, 'I'm going for it.' Plus, it's a vest so it won't need to be washed (I hope) after every wear. I can not wait to pair it with my blue and white checked button down from Banana Republic. That, and basically every other thing in my closet! Okay I'm getting really excited about fall right now!

Of course, I couldn't leave the store without just looking at all the baby girl clothes...specifically looking for Ralph Lauren footie pj's. Because...well, they are the softest, snuggliest baby pj's ever! So, I got a few... The last one isn't Ralph Lauren but it's soft and comfy and there's a bunny, so, you know, I bought it... :)

That's it for today's shopping haul. I spent about $120 for everything, which is a great deal considering the tunic alone was probably $100 at a regularly priced store. So it's time to do laundry...either that or go get a pumpkin spiced latte...hmmm...decisions, decisions. Happy Thrifty Thursday y'all!

UPDATE! So I have seen an almost exact replica of the tunic I bought at Dillard's and a chic boutique in Avondale. For double what I spent on mine! Proof that you can find on-trend pieces at a discount store:

Told ya! :)