Pleated Bow Dress/Romper Pattern

Confession time: I'm kind of a hoarder. Like, sometimes it's a problem. Like when I can't stand to throw out the tiniest scrap of fabric for fear that I might need it later, so I have an entire bin under my bed of basically useless scraps of fabric. (I'm totally going to use them for a handmade hexagon quilt one day, I swear.) Or when I save leftovers in the fridge and can't stand to throw them out until I am absolutely sure they are inedible, even though I have no intention of eating them (don't judge, you know you've done it too). Or the collection of expired Bed Bath and Beyond coupons crowding our junk drawer - side note - I was just informed that they will soon stop accepting expired coupons - WHAT?! Boo to that, my friends, boo!

But, hoarding is not without its benefits. Like when I saved the excess fabric from making our headboard six years ago and I just used it to sew Lilly Kate's crib bedding. Free crib bedding! Or when I saved the scrap muslin fabric from making a crib skirt four years ago and just used it to create this adorable little dress! 

See, sometimes hoarding pays off! (Especially when your husband puts you on a strict cash-only diet and you are forced to use up all the scrap fabric you have in order to stay on budget! I dedicate this blog post to you, honey.) All that to say, in my online quest for a cute and free dress/romper pattern, I came up short, so I decided to make my own. And being the generous person that I am, I've decided to share it with you here! Fellow fabric hoarders: rejoice! You can make this dress with less than a yard of fabric! Let's get started!

gathered valance & drapes for girl's nursery

Growing up, I loved the Amelia Bedelia books. Who am I kidding? I still love them. But, as a child, I never understood why Mrs. Rogers got mad that Amelia drew the drapes. Isn't that what they asked her to do?